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Dog baths  1 new $80.    

   1 used $45.  Suitable for small to medium dogs

1 grooming table Small to medium dog. $45

1 Xpen with gate.   $30

Call Bill at. 315-699-2479


Daytime calls only







Anita is moving into an apartment 28th of this month.  Anita has to part with her 36 x 36 puppy pen with a full top. She had a wooden base with wheels on it built for the crate. Excellent condition  
She is only asking $35






Canine Influenza Alert

You may already be aware of a reported outbreak of dog flu/canine influenza in the Chicago area, with a few reported cases in Wisconsin and Indiana. We don’t wish to cause alarm, but we do consider this an important situation for dog owners which calls for some extra awareness and attention.

Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is caused by an influenza A virus. Originally believed to be a strain of the H3N8 canine influenza identified in the U.S. dog population in 2004, this virus is now considered closely related to Asian strains of influenza A H3N2 viruses. Although it does not infect people, it's highly contagious to other dogs and can occur year round. Most dogs recover within 2-3 weeks; however, some fatal cases of pneumonia resulting from CI have been reported.

Exposure to the virus comes from other dogs, in situations such as boarding, dog parks, or other activities where contact with respiratory secretions may occur. If our area becomes affected, for prevention we recommend temporarily limiting those activities that expose your dog to others.

If your dog is exhibiting any of the following signs, please contact us immediately:

  • coughing or labored breathing
  • sneezing
  • nasal or eye discharge
  • lethargy
  • reduced appetite
  • fever

It's also worth noting that the H3N2 virus has caused infection and respiratory illness in cats, so if your cat goes outside or socializes with cats who do, keep an eye out for these signs, as well.

These resources provide some more detailed information:

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's health.

The Team at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital of Manlius 



*** Wendy Estabrook-Jefferis
Hi all.
Anyone concerned about where to leave trophy's, can call me at 652-7883, and I can answer your questions. Trophy's can be brought to the Febuary meeting, or delivered to the Salt City Cluster show at the NYS Fairgrounds in March on the dates of the show.Our day will be the Friday of that show, and Trophy's should be delivered early in the AM that day. Please call me to let me know what Trophy you want to donate.We need to know soon so we can get these in the program.


***Recently after having to take in over 200 animals our local CNY SPCA asked for donations to help with the care and rehabilitation, Onondaga Kennel Association had set aside an emergency fund to use to help out during disasters. Thursday morning, 10/9/2014 a check for $500.00 was delivered to the CNY SPCA.

January 2015 will start the celebration of Onondaga Kennel Association’s 100thyear. Our members take great pride in supporting our sport, our community and all dogs, pet, service and show.

This year OKA members supported the great work done by Clear Path for Vets, www.clearpathforvets.com, with crates, toys, food dishes and cash donations.

Onondaga Kennel Association purchased 02 fur life units to supply every Syracuse City fire company and many of the Onondaga County Volunteer Fire Departments, by the end of our drive we plan to supply every fire department in Onondaga County with a unit.

At our last general meeting we had a presentation and made a donation to Helping Hounds pet rescue/adoption.

OKA members also help throughout the year presenting conformation, obedience, rally and agility shows, we put on a spring St. Patrick weekend match, weekly conformation handling classes, RDO Day, several special guest presentations at our general meetings during the year and of course a great newsletter, web site and face book page, all provided by the great volunteers who are members of the soon to be 100 year old Onondaga Kennel Association. Four paws two feet one team and pretty proud!! 

Pompey Dog Control Officer Susan M. Snavlin has been charged with more than 150 counts of animal cruelty after more than 200 dogs and cats were found in filthy conditions on her property, SPCA investigators said.

SPCA workers removed 73 animals - mainly small dogs - from the property at 1573 Tully Farms Road in Tully on Monday. They are returning today to rescue another 100 to 150 dogs and 40 to 50 cats, said Paul Morgan, SPCA executive director.

The dogs seized were found "in filthy conditions with feces and urine all over,'' Morgan said.

The small dogs have not been socialized and so are not very friendly, Morgan said.

Snavlin has resigned from her position, which she has held since 2003, said Pompey Town Supervisor Carole Marsh.

The SPCA will be closed today and tomorrow as staff deals with the situation, Morgan said. Donations of food, money or anyone wishing to volunteer at the SPCA are welcome.

Many of the dogs are smaller breeds, and their fur is overgrown and they are in desperate need of grooming, Morgan said.

A person driving by called the SPCA about a month ago saying they saw a large number of dogs on a property along that road, but didn't have an address. The person then called back with an address Monday, and investigators spent from 5 p.m. Monday until 1 a.m. removing the first 73 animals. 


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